KukipegsWe’ve been busy with our planters and our cold frame and things are definitely growing! The photo above shows the early stages of two types of pumpkin, squash, cucumbers and some green basil. We have so far started to grow a good selection of flowers, vegetables and herbs in various planters, flower boxes and seed trays but some need to be sown straight into the ground. The locals say not to plant into the soil until the second weekend in May so we’ve got a few weeks to get the potager ready. Graham spent some time today enjoying the sun and doing some clearing/tidying around the potager, still not sure why he was using the heavy duty tools for these little twigs!

At the end of the week we’ve got the use of a roto-tiller for a day and we’ve arranged with a local farmer to have all the manure we need. The sweet smell of growth will soon be in the air!