We’d be lying if we said that the three photos above show plants that have grown in the potager, but they did appear overnight, well they appeared in the morning after we’d been to the garden centre! Although we have planted some small wee plants that have grown from seeds we started at KPS HQ (pumpkins, butternut squash, beans) they don;t make for very impressive photos, yet! So what you see above are tomato plants, a selection of flowers, and rhubarb.

In the past week we’ve also planted strawberries and raspberries, as well as potatoes, onions and sweet potato. We’ve been busy. Everything seems to be doing well so far and our next job is to get the rest of the seeds in the ground now that the soil is warm enough, and to plant the herb garden that the chalet’s guests will have access to. Also, when we were strimming and tidying this week we uncovered a second cherry tree so fingers crossed for a sweet harvest this Autumn!